Well Being Essences Ltd. Essence Mists & ointments imbuing the Miracle healing of Nature.

Well Being Essences Ltd. The traveling Apothecary..

 All Ointments back to original price!..until February

Well Being Essences Ltd. The travelling apothecary.

For all manner of Well Being for mental, emotional, spiritual & physical, pain relief & joy..  Hear Juliet’s talks on The Miracle Healing effects of Nature & Well Being Essences philosophy & products.WellBeing Essences Display at MBS, Mind Body Spirit Show, London

   see above for testimonials for Miracle Ointment on pain relief & skin rejuvenation also for Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Carpal Tunnel, Acne & MS.

*NEW* *Large* *Double-strength* Ointments.


Well Being Essences Ltd.

Are a fast-growing well-being business, with a sincere following and a heart-centred sense of joy. Exhibiting at Fairs in London, Wales the South West. In shops, spas & therapy centres. 

Wherever we go, people seem to love the stand and express a feeling of joy and relief in testing the products!

Come and see our beautiful stand all lit up, and pamper yourself with our skin rejuvenating Ginseng, Gold lotus & Diamond skin gels, ointments, for pain relief and Essence Mists to & uplift the emotions, your Home, and workplace.

Divine fragrances, healing herbs and High vibration Flower, Crystal and semiprecious metal essences. To uplift the emotions & ointments for pain relief and skin healing.

Our Essence mists are well known for transforming mood & space. Containing high vibration essences and essential oils, to uplift mind, body, soul & environment.

Our Essence Pulse Point oils are blended with essential oils & essences. To uplift emotions & mood.  Handy to fit in your handbag, as a quick sanctuary in a bottle.

“Come and try my lovingly created &  effective natural products”.

Juliet Cotter- Director- Well Being Essences Ltd.

Well Being Essences Ltd. Juliet makes all of her products, they are all her own recipes.

Contact; wellbeingessences@gmail.com 07922045880

Well Being Essences Clients include; Doctors, Cancer retreats, therapists, yoga teachers, barristers, X and serving Military personnel of various ranks, front-line demonstrators. Dentists, carers, midwives, performers, pilots, air hostess’s, pet sanctuaries, animal healing centers, and marriage guidance counselors, musicians, Vicars, Native American Elders, Tibetan Buddhist Lamas.