Well Being Essences Ltd. Essence Mists & ointments imbuing the Miracle healing of Nature.

  1. Well Being Essences Ltd. The traveling Apothecary..

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For all manner of Well Being for mental, emotional, spiritual & physical, upliftment, pain relief & joy..  Hear Juliet’s talks on The Miracle Healing effects of Nature & Well Being Essences philosophy & products.WellBeing Essences Display at MBS, Mind Body Spirit Show, London

   see above for testimonials for Miracle Ointment on pain relief & skin rejuvenation also for Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Carpal Tunnel, Acne & MS.

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Well Being Essences Ltd.

Are a fast-growing well-being business, with a sincere following and a heart-centered sense of joy. Exhibiting at Fairs in London, Wales the South West. In shops, spas & therapy centers. 

Wherever we go, people seem to love the stand and express a feeling of joy and relief in testing the products!

Come and see our beautiful stand all lit up, and pamper yourself with our skin rejuvenating Ginseng, Gold lotus & Diamond skin gels, ointments, for pain relief and Essence Mists to & uplift the emotions, your Home, and workplace.

Divine fragrances, healing herbs and High vibration Flower, Crystal and semiprecious metal essences. To uplift the emotions & ointments for pain relief and skin healing.

Our Essence mists are well known for transforming mood & space. Containing high vibration essences and essential oils, to uplift mind, body, soul & environment.

Our Essence Pulse Point oils are blended with essential oils & essences. To uplift emotions & mood.  Handy to fit in your handbag, as a quick sanctuary in a bottle.

“Come and try my lovingly created &  effective natural products”.

Juliet Cotter- Director- Well Being Essences Ltd.

Well Being Essences Ltd. Juliet makes all of her products, they are all her own recipes.

Contact; wellbeingessences@gmail.com 07922045880

Well Being Essences Clients include; Doctors, Cancer retreats, therapists, yoga teachers, barristers, X and serving Military personnel of various ranks, front-line demonstrators. Dentists, carers, midwives, performers, pilots, air hostess’s, pet sanctuaries, animal healing centers, and marriage guidance counselors, musicians, Vicars, Native American Elders, Tibetan Buddhist Lamas.