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Miracle Ointment Testimonials

For Eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, carpel tunnel, M.S, costicondroitus, torn ligaments, spinal injuries etc….

Arthritis & Fibromyalgia

  1. “Juliet, thank you for my ointment I love it I only putting it on twice a day. It works on my Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Do you post overseas .?? I have a friend in America who would like to try it too. I will pass on your website. I also have told my friends and family how good it is and they are coming to see you at the market on Friday . I cannot Thank you enough Juliet . Xxx”
  2. “I had an arthritic knee playing me up for years. After one application of the Miracle Ointment, I drove off and did not get a resurface of pain until late the next day, I came back to buy some!” – Clive, Retired Flight Attendant.
  3. “I tried some Miracle Ointment at a show and walked off up town. The arthritic thumb I tried it on ceased to hurt I was amazed and really didn’t think any thing would happen. I returned to buy a pot and I am very happy.” – Patricia, Nottingham.
  4. “I had a painful clicking thumb that was rarely pain free, since using the ointment regularly the pain has subsided and it no longer clicks and jars.” – Linda, Langport.
  5. “I have had arthritis in my thumb since using the ointment I can now move them with Ease, I first applied it 3 times a day now I hardly ever have to apply it, thank you” – Lin, Frome.
  6. “I put it on my arthritic thumb and it stopped the pain AMAZING..” – Euwan, Sherbourne.
  7. “My friend has been using it for her arthritic & extended joint issues and she says it has eased the pain immensely she is very grateful.” – Helen, Shepton Market.
  8. “I bought some of your Cannabis ointment and I thought I’d better get some more so I don’t run out over Christmas Thank you it has really helped with my Arthritis and can sometimes give 3 day relief” – Jan, Frome.
  9. “My mother has been using it for her Arthritis and finds it very helpful Thank you” – Polly, Shepton Mallet.
  10. “I found the ointment has worked on my arthritic hands and has improved the health of my cuticles and my nails!!” – Karen, Frome.
  11. A lady came back to me after trying it on her arthritic hands delighted but asking is it supposed to work straight away! “That’s amazing it’s stopped the pain and it feels lovely I will have a pot please!!” – Lady at fair in Baltonsborough.
  12. “I have tried lots of creams for my Arthritis but this is the best.” – Ray, age 85 years. ex-Service man, Yeovil.
  13. Miracle Ointment, I give it 100%. I use it for Arthritis in my hands. It Works. -Mike Eles
  14. Brilliant, Miracle Ointment helped my wifes feet. she could really feel the difference after 3 Years buying other stuff for Fibromyalgia.- jaynie7
  15. Fibromyalgia and Planters Fasciitis. Works wonders, Bought it in 2016 and never looked back.- lena.eric
  16. Well, someone commented on my skin the other day and it made me realise how different it is from earlier this year, so thank you, I am so grateful and tell lots of people to try your products. We will come and find you at the Magpie markets soon. – Tracy Rawlins, Magpie Markets – Frome

Multiple Sclerosis

  1. Lavender and Cannabis ointment works brilliantly on my M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis), muscle pains and aches. – Ann

Joint Pain, Muscles & Ligaments

  1. “Your ointment gives long lasting relief to my torn ligaments on my knee it stops the pain all night and in to the next day thank you so much and we’d like some more please!” – Paul, Yeovil.
  2. “Pain relief in 10 minutes from torn ligaments.” – Trevor, Tiverton.
  3. “My painful knees don’t hurt since I put on the ointment and it lasted for 2 days.” – Neil.
  4. “I came back to say that has sorted my knee and I cant believe it. look! I can walk fast without my stick!” – John, High Bridge.
  5. “We used it on our Granddaughters aching legs after a long run and it helped her relax for sleep” – Linda.
  6. “Miracle Cream is the MOST AMAZING THING. I have had chronic tennis elbow and Carpel tunnel from gardening and I was told to stop working by my doctor. I was very depressed at the idea of not doing what I love!! The Miracle Ointment has improved my condition so much (in two months) that I am now self employed gardening full time. I am happy and content. I cant thank you enough I will never be without it!! Sandy xxx” – (The lovely lady above also said she used it on her face and it helped her crows feet and complexion and said it had changed her life!!)
  7. “Hi Juliet, The ointment arrived today and many many thanks for posting it….Mum will try some tonight on her painful joints but I tried some as soon as it arrived on my right elbow which is either arthritic or it may be (most likely) repetitive strain injury from using the glass cutter for so many years … not sure if this is coincidence (I’ll try it again later!) but the aching seemed to subside only minutes after rubbing it in and the pain has gone and the arm is much easier to flex … it smells nice too which is a bonus!! I may well be buying more in future! Kindest regards.” – Natalie.
  8. “My husband has found relief from his painful shoulder thank you.” – Tracy, Somerset.
  9. “I said it would not work on my shoulder but I was wrong I have been stood here whilst my daughter looked at all the sprays and in a short time it has stopped hurting!” – Paul, High Bridge.
  10. I had a hip replacement and wake with pain in the night after an application I am eased and back to sleep quickly, I also get pain in my knees and after rubbing it on the pain is gone before I walk from one room to another it’s amazing.” – Frank.
  11. Insane how quick this works! Miracles can happen. – Keri Lewis.

Back & Neck

  1. “I have come back to buy some of your ointment as I tried it at the Frome fair, it wasn’t until half an hour later whilst stopping for lunch that I commented to my Dad that my back pain had gone and did not resurface until the next day!” – Caroline, Frome.
  2. “My Mum has been using the Miracle Ointment on her neck and shoulders where she has vertebrae out. She goes straight off to sleep now it’s incredible, we would like to order a stronger one as well please thank you so much. She is also using the Miracle Mist I feel the two products have helped her alot as she is now able to go out and about.” – Mary, Frome.
  3. “I have had a lot of relief from the ointment on my spinal injury it helps me to get off to sleep without pain.” – Kevin, Shepton Mallet.
  4. I put it on my back and it helped my back. – Sarah Sandy
  5. 4 days pain, still pain this morning in neck, after ointment, no pain. Still unsure if its the ointment. – Kristina47

Soft Tissue

  1. “I cut the top of my finger off and the Miracle Ointment has helped it to repair really well the Doctors can’t Believe it thanks” – Chris, Somerset.
  2. “Hi Juliet, Thank you so much for giving me your lovely ointment as a gift! I have really become quite dependent on it! It is assisting with the swelling in my left arm too and basically I wouldn’t be without it!” -Joanne.
  3. “I just tried the ointment on my painful arm and its a lot better just from 10 minutes after applying it Thank you. I came back to buy some.” – Tina, Yeovil.
  4. “I put it on earlier and it’s stopped the pain in my hand.” – Customer from Secret World, High Bridge.
  5. “My Dad put it on when I had a bad cut on my knee the next day it had healed amazingly.” – Terry.

Skin & Disorders

  1. “I have had eczema for many years after a sample test of the ointment an open itchy lesion on my hand closed up and stopped itching I am amazed and have come back to buy a pot!.” – Kate, Shepton Mallet.
  2. “My daughters eczema has healed thank you.” – Kate, Somerset.
  3. Smothered Miracle Ointment on, woke up, NO ECZEMA -Sue Gardner
  4. Miracle Ointment is Marvellous stuff, its certainly good stuff I’ve never known anything like it. My eczema went in 2 days. You said about it in June and I put it on and 2 days later it was gone. Absolutely amazing.- Gillian Brady
  5. “Hi Juliette it was lovely being introduce to you… your product are amazing and they work.. in just a couple of days my psoriasis has cleared.” – Jacqueline.
  6. I’ve had psoriasis on my neck for a long time. the doctors said I needed steroids and I took them but when I stop it comes back. The “Miracle Ointment” stops it itching. I cant believe it.-Gloria.davies
  7. I tried Miracle Ointment on my back and my head and my hair for psoriasis. It worked quick after the first use – mfgizmo
  8. “You don’t know how much you’ve helped me, I’ve shown my Doctor and we are both amazed at how my eczema lesions have healed. My doctor wants to know more about the ointment. I would like some more please thank you so so much.” – David, Yeovil.
  9. “We are so impressed with your ointment my husband has had weak sore skin on his hands from childhood eczema, it works as an amazing barrier as he is a floor tiler and never gets a chance to heal. HE IS SO IMPRESSED WITH HOW HIS HANDS ARE NOW. Thank you..”
  10. “The ointment has calmed the psoriasis on my sons face it was red and flaky now it’s pink and soft. I would like another pot please, Thank you”. – Bridgewater.
  11. “Your ointment has cleared up my Rosacea on my face …my skin has been the best it has been for ages Thank you.” – Frome.
  12. “Thank you so much for the ointment sample firstly for healing my neuralgia, I didnt think it would work but it did and I have given many samples to people at work for acne and other aches and pains all with great success ” Sue Vintage Market organizer. ( thanks to Sue I had another few orders as a result Thank you” – Sue!
  13. “Hi Juliet I use alot of the ointment especially when my skin gets so itchy and sore I find it is helping to soothe and heal my skin, it is a relief and reassurance to have the ointment, thank you”
  14. “I bought some for my daughter’s itchy rash that would not go away and since using the ointment it has gone away!!..”
  15. “I have had cracked lips and sore skin under my nose. The ointment has really helped and softens my lips and I wake with soft lips now..” – Sherrel.
  16. “I have had neuralgia in my face and sore cheeks. The ointment stopped the pain very quickly thank you.” – Linda.
  17. I had sore a cracked finger for 5 months and now I can move it again without it ripping and I can make a fist instead of trying to grip things with 4 fingers. – David hHodges.


  1. “My friend bought some and used it on her infected hand and she came round the other day and said it has healed up and she’s really pleased” – Dan.
  2. I put Miracle Ointment on and within 20 minutes, the inflammation was gone and it feels fine and more supple. – Babs
  3. I tried Lavender and Cannabis ointment on a bite that was going nasty and it didn’t! – Julie Hill

Other Uses

  1. “I sell bulbs and flowers all year round and get ‘Bulb rash‘ from toxic Tulip bulbs every year pain shoots down my finger nails in to my fingers. The Miracle Ointment cleared it up completely the pain went after one application and now it’s completely gone.” – Pete, Market Trader.
  2. “I used it on my gout and it tingled at first but it felt better for it” – Dan.
  3. “I find the ointment helps relieve the pain I have been suffering for shingles it really has helped me not just with pain relief but to get out more!” – Valery, Shepton Mallet.
  4. “Juliet Thank you so much for the cream I had forgotten how much relief it gives me, I feel as though I can do more as the shingles restricts quite a lot of movement. Thanks again.” – Fran.
  5. “I put a little of your Miracle Ointment on my ear and sprayed the Miracle Mist near it (not in to) and my tinnitus eased after the second time I did it, amazing I was positive it would help and it did Thank you” – Peter, Frome.
  6. “I knew the last thing to do with ears is to stick anything inside so I carefully applied the Ointment to the outer surface of each ear and just one fine spray from about 8 inches away for each side. As I mentioned on Sunday my use of your splendid products seems to have had the desired effect. I could say it was a wonderful co-incidence that I came across you quite by accident; but I do not think it was. In experience the Universe and the power of Attraction brings us what we need, when we need it.”
  7. “I think it’s marvelous stuff we will keep using it. My sister started using it and became overawed from using it she loved it… My husband has diabetes he was treated with too much medication since then he shakes with the pain in his hands and feet as the pain is so bad,,, when we put this on it really helps him. My knee is getting weaker and I have a degenerative spine and it works for this for pain relief, we are thrilled and relieved and will keep using it thank you so much.” – Mrs. Allen.
  8. “I rub it in my daughters legs if she gets nettle stings and it works quickly” – Jay.
  9. “My Sister and my Mum use your ointment and it’s amazing we all love it.” – Mandy, Shepton Mallet.
  10. “Hi Juliet I’ve had a virus and my sinuses have been blocked and painful and my nose cracked. Your ointment is a relief from suffering Thank you so much, I wanted to give you a testimonial…” S. Eba.
  11. “I put Miracle ointment on my finger and it has stopped hurting.” – Carla, High Bridge.
  12. I had varicose veins, tried Medipen, but ointment works quicker, in 4-5 minutes. more movement and swelling gone down. – Jav24
  13. “I use the Miracle ointment on my clients for massage I would like 3 pots this time please it is a great addition to my practice thank you.” – Richard.
  14. I am a holistic sports therapist and I have just tried some *Miracle Diamond and Gold Gel. It felt amazing. The cooling gel works very well and I will be using it in relaxing and sports therapies. I’m going to use the Lavender and Cannabis Ointment as it goes on Lovely , a real treat. – Nicola Riney


  1. “The ointment helped my dog when it was in pain.”

Lavender & Cannabis Ointment Testimonials:

Arthritis & Fibromyalgia

  1. “I use it morning and night it is effective about 3/4 of an hour after application for me. . It eases muscle pain, migraine and my Costicondritus. It promotes a better nights sleep, I sleep really well now. It is better for me than prescribed Medication. I can highly recommend it. I can especially recommend it for Fibromyalgia it really helps with pain. my wife now uses it on her knees. Thank you I highly recommend it to my friends and family.” – Will, Somerset.
  2. There was also a lady on the stand next to me who had arthritis in her hand she trialed it over a period of 2 days and then bought some.
  3. Last year my back was in spasm, I used this all weekend on the left side and it was then completely free and the other side is easing. I have Fibromyalgia and Reynards and it helps with these.- P Eames

Joint Pain, Muscles & Ligaments

  1. “I have a connective tissue disorder, fragile and hurting ankles, I have tried prescription drugs and am on morphine but this ointment worked! And did not react to my skin as other ointments usually burn.” – Customer at The Wealden Times Fair June 5th 2015. This lady then went on to tell the nurses in the next stand who were giving cholesterol checks! Bless her she came with tears in her eyes of relief and joy.
  2. “I asked the doctor like you said and he told me to try it and compare it to his Ibroprufen gel so I did. Well after buying it this week I tried it last night and my hip was pain free all night I think it’s wonderful and would like another pot on the 18th December please Thank you so much, I will tell the doctor!” – Tina.
  3. “I went for a run yesterday knowing I would ache as it’s been a while… I applied the Lavender & Cannabis ointment on my calf on an old injury and this was the only part of my body that did not hurt today!! I still play football at 52 with 20 year olds . I have a historical injury the ointment has enabled me to keep running and keeping fit. I can now exercise carefully without damage it strengthens my weaknesses. So I use it in accordance with training. It is spectacular and effective. Now I can do an hour and a half run and nothing hurts so I am getting fitter.” -Lesley, Sports coach, Shepton Mallet.

Back & Neck

  1. “My husband Said he is not a lotions and potions man but after applying the ointment to his feet he woke the next morning without his long term acute back pain. He was amazed and carried on using it. I had a pain in my back last week he rubbed it on and it went. My son came home from School with aching legs after cross country and he said right lets put some of the Magic cream on!! Amazing!” – Karen Somerset.
  2. I have had gardeners use it on their painful backs saying it relieves after one application.

Other Uses

  1. “Amazing relief! I am amazed!” – Fran Butler.
  2. The organizer of a Local craft Fair also praised the ointment stating that I could have no idea how much I had helped her and her Mum. Her mum slept well for the first time in a long while after using the ointment and both their mobility had much improved..
  3. “The Ointment has a Silky soft texture, Many say it is pain relieving. I find it Softens my skin, I use it on my face as it is very mild and nourishing, and I use it on my back when it hurts…as many people do. With hemp oil, Wheatgerm oil, Rice bran oil Coconut Oil and Bees wax. With Lavender & Cannabis Essential Oil. Although I cannot say (legally) that it will help arthritis and known joint stiffness and aches and pains, but I will say that many people have told me it has helped with their painful joints. I will add testimonials. The T.H.C content in this product is 0.02 and is legal and extracted from the natural plant not the hybrid version of the Mind Altering Highly Modified version that are dangerous. I always suggest People try it at the Fairs and walk about to see how it feels I must admit most come back. People should always check with their Doctor before using things they are unsure of. These testimonials are from people who have used it and been satisfied I have not heard of any one who hasn’t been in the time I have been selling it.” – One ladies testimonial:


  1. “My friends dog has an abscess and the ointment has reduced it considerably.” – Tina.

Lavender and Cannabis Essence Mist Testimonials

  1. I can’t sleep without my Lavender and Cannabis Spray – Suzanne.

Diamond & Lotus Miracle Gel Testimonials

  1. Did facial Friday! beautiful results, did husband, he said *I cant believe how soft my face*. I am going to need lots more. I keep washing my face, just so I can use it.
    lin hobbs.

Miracle Mist testimonials:

  1. “I bought the Miracle Mist thinking “I need a bloody Miracle!” because I liked the smell etc.. Since then I have had things go surprisingly better and achieved some things against the odds in the face of opposition and including something unbelievable. I’ve had to put in the work and also persevere, but the Mist kept me going when my Faith was flagging and that was only the first bottle! It always makes me feel better. (I’ve just bought another one!) xx” – Caroline, Somerset.
  2. “I have had the privilege of using Juliet Cotter’s Miracle Mist for the past 2 years in my busy Traditional Acupuncture Practice. It has been highly successful in maintaining a beautiful impression, which has met Universal acclaim from patients who frequently comment upon the relaxed yet uplifting atmosphere and delightful smell. This is a major accomplished as my clientèle are extremely varied and encompass all age groups and backgrounds from babies to the elderly, men, women, doctors, professors, Lords & Ladies.” – Sue Branch, Physiologist & Acupuncturist. Dorset.
  3. “I am very touched to be able to access Juliet’s lovely Sprays and Vibrational Tinctures. They have become a great support to align and clear Space, Clients and myself. The Miracle Mists work great for that purpose. There is a lovely fusion between the aromas of the Essential Oils and the subtle yet Powerful Vibrational Essences.I also had a great Buzz from the Bee Essence Mist & the Earth Essence grounded me. Vibrational Medicine Truly is the Medicine of this time.” – Hans, Shiatsu Practitioner, Somerset.
  4. “Your sprays are brilliant! Absolutely top of the world, people at work love it! I spray 3 times a day it’s such a nice smell I got one for my friend too! It’s all so genuine, I saw you at Mind Body Spirit London, what you presented was so loving, this is proper beautiful.” – Rodney, London
  5. “Smells like an Angelic cuddle in a bottle.” – Pamela, Therapist, Wales.
  6. “I absolutely love my Miracle Mist from Well Being Essences by Juliet Cotter. It has been my trusted companion through the production of ‘In Her Name’. If any tension arises just a quick spray and a deep breath and I am reminded that Life is perfect. Please check out these exquisite Essences!” – Sudha, Singing in to Silence.
  7. “My Mum is using the Miracle Mist and Miracle Ointment it has helped her so much that she can now enjoy going out many thanks” – Mary, Frome.
  8. “For as long as I can remember I have experienced borderline tinnitus (suffering would be the wrong word; mostly I am not even aware of it). However, some weeks ago, for whatever reason, it was becoming much more apparent and I eventually wondered if your Miracle Ointment and Miracle Mist would be able to alleviate the symptoms. I knew the last thing to do with ears is to stick anything inside so I carefully applied the Ointment to the outer surface of each ear and just one fine spray from about 8 inches away for each side. As I mentioned on Sunday my use of your splendid products seems to have had the desired effect. I could say it was a wonderful co-incidence that I came across you quite by accident; but I do not think it was. In experience the Universe and the power of Attraction brings us what we need, when we need it.”
  9. “My daughter has a spray of the Miracle Mist before School and we are moving so we spray it around the house and it makes it feel fantastic. People always comment on how lovely it smells,Thank you so much.”
  10. “Miracle Mist- I use it all the time. I suffer from depression & Anxiety and it is positive and comforting. I have used it before job interveiws and have been calmed and ready- (and got the jobs on both occasions!) Buy this, it works!!” – Theresa, Yeovil.
  11. “I bought your Mist, it is really lovely and I’ve come back for another one please!! – Cath, Sherbourne
  12. A lovely lady came up to me at a fair yesterday and seemed delighted. She said she had seen me at a Christmas Market and bought some Miracle Mist. She said she had sold her house and had been very happy with the results. She now sprays any one who is a bit down! She was delighted to find me as she had run out!. – Juliet, Well Being Essences
  13. I did a fair in Yeovil last week I had just set up the stand when a lady came over and said “OOOW Miracle Mist! …I’ve got one of these and I love it! I use it everyday and it’s like a magic porridge pot it keeps on going and I’ve had it for over a year ..,It’s difficult to explain what it does but I love it and I would like another one please!” She was – Heidi, Yeovil.
  14. Some close friends had just recently been to a sister’s wedding, they seemed to think it had something to do with the Miracle Mist that they had gifted the bride early that year before she had met her husband to be… They gave it to her hoping she would at last find Miracle help in her Love life and they told me she had since found it! – Juliet, Well Being Essences Ltd.
  15. Another lady who had been praying that she could have a book shop, returned to me delighted saying the spray had worked and she had now been offered 2 shops!! – Juliet, Well Being Essences Ltd.
  16. An organizer of a Fair told me she used hers every day and when she didn’t use it she noticed how cranky she got as a result! – Juliet, Well Being Essences Ltd.

“Just Bee”, Essence Mist Testimonials:

  1. “I use Miracle and Bee Spray on myself and my clients to relax and clear. In my therapy room it sets the mood for sessions, they work exceptionally and my clients comments amaze me.” – Kev, ex REME Service man who now has Forces personnel as clients in his busy Kinesiology Practice.
  2. “I recently bought some amazing Bee Essence Mist- one squirt and your spirits lift to a higher plane. I have been using it with my yoga students following our meditation sessions where it literally settles and almost ‘sets’ the energy thus helping to ‘seal’ the session like an affirmation, engaging a sense of fullness and completion. I am hardly ever kidnapped by the fairies being a realist and a fixed Earth sign, but this essence has transported me to a harmonious dimension of peace, tranquillity and blissful moment. Thank you.” – Angela Huskisson, Yoga Teacher.

Pink Lotus Mist Testimonial

  1. As I was browsing around the different stalls, I passed *Sacred Space Mists*. I smelled the most beautiful smell. I kept on walking but the scent stayed with me and I was then pulled back (Invisibly) and had to buy the Pink Lotus Essence Mist. Instant calmness and peace. – Wendy.