Primrose Essence Spring Mist

Spring Mist, for the Country Living Fair.


This beautiful Essence Mist was created for uplifting and clearing room and Atmosphere. It has a wonderful spring fresh fragrance and many Flower Essences, to uplift, clear, bring peace and tranquility and help us to attune to nature.
Primrose the Fairy Flower is the main Essence in this one helping us to play and take ourselves lightly.
Narcissus essence helps us to find the child within and has a joy and tender loving quality helping us to love unconditionally. Also Spikenard Essence which helps to ground us and open our Heart and Higher purpose helping us to flow and remember the Bigger picture.
Essential oils of Elemi, Orange,Hyacinth and Lavender.
Charged in a Amethyst geode for extra healing boost.

Product Description

Primrose Essence Spring Mist

Primrose Essence Spring MistEssence of Spring Mist.

 Essence of Spring Mist.


This is a must for Spring cleaning your home.

With Essence of Narcissus, Spikenard and Primrose its uplifting grounding scent helps us to love and feel the joy in Life,  It helps remind us to not to take our lives and selves too seriously :).