Green Tara Room & Aura Mist

Green Tara. Mother of All Mothers. Room Heart healing & Aura Mist.


Green Tara room & Aura Mist. 108 Green Tara Mantras, and the Essence of a Powerful Tibetan Water Blessing gifted to me by a Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoche. With Essential Oils to uplift enliven and clear. To be used as an aid to meditation, practice or in treatments and therapies to help heal the Heart, relieve pain and suffering. Green Tara is like the Mother of All Mothers unconditional Love for All Beings and very quick to assist. Om Tare Tu Tare Ture Soha is her mantra which can bo rected 7 to 108 times or more for great effect.

Product Description

Green Tara Mantra Mist Green Tara Room & Aura Mist