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Just Bee Mist. Home Sweet Home.


A Most beautiful and Sacred Space Clearing Mist. Helping us to Surrender to the Beauty and Miracle of Nature. Blessings to the honey Bee’s for they teach us the way of Bliss. With triple Gold Essence and the Essence of the Honey Bee.Bee

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lp (24)Gold and Bee Essence transforming mist.

See testimonials below..

This Bee Essence creation  was the most incredible of them all.  So to was the Magic that followed..

May 1 st I went down to the Bees upon arrival a Stag and Doe were standing at the edge of the woods. Lit with a golden outline and the sun was rising and was sat directly in the centre of the antlers of the Stag. A profound moment my friend witnessed this with me we were in awe at the site before us… Entering the Bee Hive garden there were no bees and I was a little concerned. But when I put my ear to the hive I could hear them.  (I must add I was completely calm in a loving state of Mind and I had no smelly shampoo, perfume or products on my person, bees do not like them). So to my great joy I could hear them inside, a little scout bee came out and sat on top of the hive, I calmly put my finger close to him and asked if it was O.K to make the Bee Essence now. He lifted his tiny leg and put his foot on my finger, I excitedly whispered to my friend “he’s giving me a high five”…I” know!” he said “I can see!”

I found out a couple of days later Bees smell through their feet so he was checking me out!

So I quietly Placed the Rock Crystal bowl of water put in some pollen as a gift and stood right back away and began the Prayers for the Highest good and Great Health of the Bees and asking for them to Bless us for the Highest Good through the Essence also. I recited Medicine Buddha Mantra for the Health of the Bees, Green Tara and called in the Divine Loving Life Force and Angelic help in creating the Essence. It was a Truly Blissful feeling. Then we went in to town and carried on the May day celebrations. Honey Bees were around us all morning I spotted one next to a Sacred Well drinking water on the ground next to me, I gifted it with pollen. When we returned to bottle the Essence a huge Buzzard dropped out of the tree and wooshed off and a little Brown Egyptian looking cat appeared. The Bees had left some pollen on and in the pot. I put it on my tongue and yelped in shock it was the strongest pollen I had ever tasted almost burnt my tongue the pollen I had gifted them was very smooth and subtle in flavour. Their’s was Blackthorn blossom pollen. So upon taking this Essence for the following week I had a Blissful Joyful feeling, Stress just fell away ..

That week I was searching the internet for bee info and discovered a guy called John Harding who apparently knew why the Bee’s were dying and Most importantly how to save them.  He had written books and manuscripts on the subject and was advising people around the Globe (including the Houses of Parliament) on the subject. Acording to John Normal Bee Hives force the Bees to build their colonies horizontally. In Nature Wild Bees always build their colonies vertically and over underground fresh water streams, they desire a specific frequency or hertz for their highest potential in health and honey yield.  John has 300 hives and has been studying them for many years. I was so impressed with his findings that I asked him to talk at the Avalon Rising Speakers tent at The Big Green Gathering.  It was brilliant.

The same month after making the Essence a Lakota Sioux Elder took a Bottle of Just Bee back to Pine Ridge reservation and a Tibetan Buddhist Lama ( Teacher)  took a pot back to Nepal with him. I was asked to go to the Bee Ceremony at Avebury, a honey bee landed on me the morning I planned to go (about 7 in the morning!) Upon arrival I noticed 2 bottles of Just Bee already on the Alter! I was asked to spray every body mid ceremony it was a Divine Blessing to also be able to share John’s wisdom in the circle to members of the Bee Keepers Association! So as far as I was concerned Just Bee was a world Class Medicine with Testimonials and great feedback. This years Bee Essence was purely to thank them for their Exquisite Essence and Transformational Magic of last year. When I went back to bottle it after rehearsing a wedding very close by there was a Bee swimming in it who I helped out! He had left another gift of his pollen in the water. I am trailing this on friends with hay fever. Thank you to the Bliss and Joy that the Bees gift us with….The Sweet life and I must add there is no doubt they have helped me to solidify my community around me..

I had a big surprise after writing the above text.  THE SAME DAY- A friend had a wild colony in a local walnut tree that had swarmed high in the tree.

We had help from another bee keeper,  tree surgeon friend who had us make up a hive in 3/4 of an hour. He boxed the colony so gently up a 50 foot ladder with my husband at the foot. Then later we went to pick them up once they had all found their way in to the box. I picked up the box and carried it home. What a buzzz..

I tapped the box hard as Dan suggested and the colony fell on to a blanket  in front of the hive, a scout made his way in to the hive , followed by 2 more,  then as if by Magic the whole colony turned and pointed towards the hive and marched in, completely amazing! The Vibration Energy and sound of this was Truly amazing. It was a real adrenalin rush banging the box firmly but not aggressively so they all fell out, one immediately landed on my crown, they were every where so I just sent them Love … we were all very calm and felt a great Love for the bees. AND even more amazing the bees made an Essence of themselves….a Home Sweet Home Essence….

Prior to getting the bee’s I called John Harding  because I could not remember the correct orientation of the Hive he had told me. “North South”. He was so helpful what a Blessing to have his wisdom at the end of the phone. So when I had dowsed the place where 2 underground streams crossed my husband built a foundation for the Hive and there they settled…

Blissful Blessings and Gratitude after posting my Bee Essence Magic to the world, on my web site with Gratitude to the Bees for their world class Medicine,  we now immediately thereafter have our own bees! Gratitude to them for coming and to Dan who we could not have done it without , Anna and her hubby for letting us know and John Harding for your guidance….Blessed Beeeee xxxx mmmmmmmmmmmmmm bzzzzzzzzzzSwarm up tree  

Testimonial. I recently bought some amazing Bee Essence Mist- one squirt and your spirits leora to a higher plane. I have been using it with my yoga students following our meditation sessions where it literally settles and almost ‘sets’ the energy thus helping to ‘seal’ the session like an affirmation, engaging a sense of fullness and completion. I am hardly ever kidnapped by the fairies being a realist and a fixed Earth sign, but this essence has transported me to a harmonious dimension of peace, tranquillity and blissful moment. Thank you. Angela Huskisson

Testimonial from Big Green Gathering August 2015:

 Hi Juliet, I met you at the green gathering and firstly just wanted to say a massive thank you. Your products are lovely and I was really touched that you gifted me the bee essence. I have a real love of bees and it is very special to me. Sometimes it feels like there just isnt enough kindness in the world and your gesture really did mean a lot to me so thank you.

Secondly I wanted to write you a testimonial to use on your website or wherever you see fit.

When I first tried your Bee Essence room spray i was really moved by how powerful an effect it has. It’s not just a beautiful smell but i can really feel a lovely change of energy as the mist settles around me. It instantly balances me and puts my mind in a calm state.

I can’t thank you enough and I the love and care that has gone into making these products really shines though.

I know in the future I will be ordering from you and I cant recommend you enough.

Kind regards


“I use Miracle & Bee Spray on myself & my clients to relax & clear. In my therapy room it sets the room up for sessions. They work exceptionally & clients comments amaze me. Kev Kenesiology Ex- R.E.M.E (His clients include service Personnel  www.connectivetherapies.com

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    The Bee Essence…..Beautiful Light Support in a profound way. It settles and supports the heart chakra with gentle nourishing qualities, allowing calm, harmony and balance to be restored. It gently opens the heart…..an expression of Love and the best of Life…

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