Best selling Miracle Mist. Smells Divine like an Angelic cuddle in a bottle..

Miracle Mist. Smells Divine!


Divine Aroma Uplifting & Relaxing Essence Mist for Room Aura &  Body.

Product Description

lp (3)lp (36)Miracle Mist is our best selling Essence Mist, with Essences of Real Gold, Silver, Rutilated Quarts, and Essential Oils of  to calm and bring  sacred Space, to clear & Relax,  Uplift & open the Heart the fragrant blend is sublime & with Prayers and Positive Intentions to of Gratitude for Guidance from The Divine. This Essence Mist is a Must Mist for emotional and environmental imbalances or just to uplift and transform, Mood, Home Therapy Centres, Gyms, Treatment Rooms, and Counselling sessions. You can buy the Anointing Oil with the Miracle Mist fragrance, fits in your purse and brings Solace wherever you are..

Imbued with the Intention of Miracles, this spray mist can assist you in allowing yourself to trust – have faith – and surrender to Miracle Consciousness.

Uplifting to Mind, Body and Soul & room.

A must after those stressful situations, or when calm and clarity are required. Like a meditation in a bottle, Miracle Mist restores focus and equilibrium, balance and harmony.

Well known therapists and health food & beauty product specialists stock and purchase these sprays for their own use, as well as for their clients.

Instructions: Spray above head and allow the list to settle with your consciousness. Breathe in the refreshing calm and uplifting aromas and feel the sparkling, tingly, microscopic water droplets clear and transform the space around you, with startling freshness and clarity.

Ingredients: Gold, silver and crystal essences with essential oils, the Intention of Miracles. Gold, Silver and essential oils to open the heart, calm the mind and settle the spirit.


1. ” I bought the Miracle Mist thinking ”I need a bloody Miracle!” because I liked the smell etc.. Since then I have had things go surprisingly better and achieved some things against the odds in the face of opposition and including something unbelievable. I’ve had to put in the work and also persevere, but the Mist kept me going when my Faith was flagging and that was only the first bottle! It always makes me feel better. (I’ve just bought another one!)” xx Caroline. Somerset

2. “I have had the privilege of using Juliet Cotter’s Miracle Mist for the past 2 years in my busy Traditional Acupuncture Practice. It has been highly successful in maintaining a beautiful impression, which has met Universal acclaim from patients who frequently comment upon the relaxed yet uplifting atmosphere and delightful smell. This is a major accomplished as my clientèle are extremely varied and encompass all age groups and backgrounds from babies to the elderly, men, women, doctors, professors, Lords & Ladies”.   Sue Branch Physiologist & Acupuncturist. Dorset.

3. “I am very touched to be able to access Juliet’s lovely Sprays and Vibrational Tinctures. They have become a great support to align and clear Space, Clients and myself. The Miracle Mists work great for that purpose. There is a lovely fusion between the aromas of the Essential Oils and the subtle yet Powerful Vibrational Essences.I also had a great Buzz from the Bee Essence Mist & Earth Essence grounded me. Vibrational Medicine Truly is the Medicine of this time”. Hans Shiatsu Practitioner. Somerset

4. “Your sprays are brilliant! Absolutely top of the world, people at work love it! I spray 3 times a day it’s such a nice smell I got one for my friend too! It’s all so genuine, I saw you at Mind Body Spirit London, what you presented was so loving, this is proper beautiful. Rodney”. London.

5. “Smells like an Angelic cuddle in a bottle”. Pamela Therapist. Wales.

6. “I absolutely love my Miracle Mist from Well Being Essences by Juliet Cotter. It has been my trusted companion through the production of ‘In Her Name’. If any tension arises just a quick spray and a deep breath and I am reminded that Life is perfect. Please check out these exquisite Essences!” Sudha Singing in to Silence.

7. My Mum is using the Miracle Mist and Miracle Ointment it has helped her so much that she can now enjoy going out many thanks” Mary Frome.

8. “For as long as I can remember I have experienced borderline tinnitus (suffering would be the wrong word; mostly I am not even aware of it).  However, some weeks ago, for whatever reason, it was becoming much more apparent and I eventually wondered if your Miracle Ointment and Miracle Mist would be able to alleviate the symptoms.

I knew the last thing to do with ears is to stick anything inside so I carefully applied the Ointment to the outer surface of each ear and just one fine spray from about 8 inches away for each side.

As I mentioned on Sunday my use of your splendid products seems to have had the desired effect.  I could say it was a wonderful co-incidence that I came across you quite by accident; but I do not think it was.  In experience the Universe and the power of Attraction brings us what we need, when we need it.

9. My daughter has a spray of the Miracle Mist before School and we are moving so we spray it around the house and it makes it feel fantastic people always comment on how lovely it smells,Thankyou so much.

10.Miracle Mist- I use it all the time. I suffer from depression & Anxiety and it is positive and comforting. I have used it before job interveiws and have been calmed and ready- (and got the jobs on both occasions!) Buy this it works!! Theresa Yeovil

11. I bought your Mist it is really lovely and I’ve come back for another one please!! -Cath Sherbourne..


A lovely lady came up to me at a fair yesterday and seemed delighted. She said she had seen me at a Christmas Market and bought some Miracle Mist she said she had sold her house and had been very happy with the results. She now spays any one who is a bit down! She was delighted to find me as she had run out!” Geoff Frome.

I did a fair in Yeovil last week I had just set up the stand when a lady came over and said “OOOW Miracle Mist! …I’ve got one of these and I love it! I use it everyday and it’s like a magic porridge pot it keeps on going and I’ve had it for over a year ..,It’s difficult to explain what it does but I love it and I would like another one please!”..Heidi…

Some close friends had just recently been to a sister’s wedding, they seemed to think it had something to do with the Miracle Mist that they had gifted the bride early that year before she had met her husband to be… They gave it to her hoping she would at last find Miracle help in her Love life and they told me she had since found it!!

Another lady who had been praying that she could have a book shop, returned to me delighted saying the spray had worked and she had now been offered 2 shops!!

An organizer of a Fair told me she used hers every day and when she didn’t use it she noticed how cranky she got as a result!!

I do believe that none of us need anything to help us with that Divine connection or how to Trust and to Surrender for our Highest good, but there is no doubt that a little spray of Miracle Mist goes a long way. It has now flown in to most countries on this exquisite planet and I am constantly overwelmed by the incredible testimonials and stories it brings back to me I can only wonder at all the others that I haven’t heard of!!! Thankyou Miracle Mist for flowing through me and out in to the world…. “I believe in ever increasing Miracles for One & All l!!” Juliet xx
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