White Lotus Essence, Charwam
White Lotus Essence, CharwamWhite Charwan Essence in glass chalice

Lotus Essence Mist, White Charwan. Balancing Sacred Space and Enlightenment.


The Enlightening creation of Lotus Essence. (See below for white Lotus Message).

I was playing with Logo designs and desired a Lotus as my main feature. So I thought it was time that I made a Lotus Essence.

I found a Lotus grower 20 minutes away at The Dorset Water Lilly Company.
I rang them and asked if they had any Pink Lotus, as I painted one 20 years ago.Yes they did.

I spoke to a girl who seemed a little bemused that I had asked, to make the Essence of the Lotus. She said it was quite strange because only earlier that morning she had been discussing with her colleague that it would be lovely to have someone come and make the Essences of the Lotus before they all have their last bloom of the year.
My teacher Cynthia Alves taught me that it is not particularly me making the Essences but The Whole Earth speaking through this flower, that tree, this crystal ect.

Here was a prime example of how the Lotus had spoken to their growers and myself 20 minutes away!!

Delighted and pretty overwhelmed to tell the Truth I got ready, showered and changed in to something more suitable to greeting the Most highly evolved plants and their caretakers on the planet.
It was still very summery.

I was greeted by Kate a lovely pretty slender girl very grounded and confident she seemed really pleased to meet me too and she showed me where Pete was, the main man. I went over to him and immediately warmed to his smile and demeanour.He had a Native American power animal T-shirt, he seemed made of the good stuff, Earth and plant wisdom.

So the 3 of us walked up to the Polly Tunnels I carried my leather flip flops to ground myself in preparation for the High vibe…wise decision.

I don't know if it was the aroma, heat, humidity or the presence of the plants that overwhelmed me the most, but overwhelmed I was. Plants nearly as tall as me flowers as big as my head and trumpet like GIANT seed pods rising up to the roof as far back as the eye could see.

I was in Heaven
I was in the Presence of the Masters..
I stayed very connected to my Heart as Pete and Kate showed me round they could see my Joy and reverence of these awe inspiring beings as old as time itself, he loved them too and knew them like few others. He birthed them propagated them fed them, watered them and photographed them hoping one day he would have the perfect shot.. He spoke of each one with great fondness though the white ones were his favourite. He showed me the ones that were in bloom at the moment. I scouted the most potent flowers and decided on which ones to use as they had very kindly beckoned me to use whichever I desired. They watched me and listened to my brief explanation on how I must not touch the flower head or walk in front of the plants sun after it was in the water and they listened to the prayers that I spoke as I thanked the Plant, Flower and Divine Loving Spirit, working for the Highest good.

Then they left me to it and I returned to each plant to commune and listen to what the plant desired me to write about it. So I meditated on each plant. The condensation dripping down from the roof and the fragrance of the Lotus was a very sensual experience akin to being in a sweat lodge, the fact it felt like a very Sacred Space also enhanced the experience ten fold.

Dragon flies swirled around me as I first photographed the Lotus on the plant then of in the Essence Water. I got an amazing shot of a White Lotus I think it was a Charwan with a lovely big Dragonfly on it this was the image for my new cards with Lotus Logo!! and Dragonflies in the Logo…

White Lotus;

Your draw me near I am eternal grateful….
What can you teach me. I can teach you the way of the world…
To be still and to listen to Heaven speaking in all its different forms. We art the first port of call, through us you can hear Eternal Spirit speak clear and loud. Open up like our petals and let your golden heart sing through ours, the Golden pyramidal cone of Enlightenment.
The fruits of Peace.
The Heart and it's Golden purity akin to the sun.
The Love and Light of day is our spirit, we represent the finest and the purest hearted flowers.
Gentle graceful and poised? time has sucked us back into the Heavenly realms from whence we will return again.
All is well, do not get stuck on the imperfections of the day. We symbolise the eternal perfection of spirit in you, in us, in all forms.
We can show you the way to Heaven upon this Divine and Perfect Earth.
Human Body, Human Consciousness exist through our petals as we exist within their cels and their thought forms.
When you dwell on us you dwell on Transcendance of all things and you lift your heads and hearts to the Stars as we know he way back and forth…
White Lotus. Charwan
Exquisite Beauty

No limits to perfection. I hold the secret story of Earth wisdom within my petals I hold the secret story of Earth Heart within my centre, I am at one with the entire Cosmos meditate on me and understand the Truth and wisdom of All things. In purity and perfection I exist I am the way home and I am the birthing of life in ti's perfect state. Imagine me when I first opened on earth when my first flower gave its essence to the world. I am archaic to humans I offer a purity unknown to them, when peace and stillness are at one with all eternity listen to my peace and it will consume you. I am a conscious being whose life had been flowering and connected to in to the physical since the beginning take my essence and find a stillness within you second to none…OHM MANE PADME HUNG
I am the one to be revered above human incarnations of spirit I hold purity that surpasses the human body and consciousness pure and un? in its light…listen to me and I will guide you to the road of compassion bliss for all living things…
“what should I do with you?

put me in water then add vodka then add cinnamon, aniseed, vanilla, cocoa, tcp, tea tree and wood.

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