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*(New)* Double strength Miracle Ointment with Hemp (Cannabis Sativa.) Natural Pain Relief



“I had a clicking and painful thumb, the ointment soothes away the pain almost immediately and the click has now eased and moves with ease.” Lin

“I rubbed it on my painful knee and drove from Somerset to Kent and back with out a twinge of pain. I also used it on my arthritic shoulder it gives me relief for about 6 hours.  So I have just stocked up…it really works”. Clint retired flight attendant

“I have shingles and this ointment gives me great releif from the painful spasms that I had been getting also in my joints, I am on my second pot!”. Fiona Somerset.


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natural pain relief








Miracle Ointment with Hemp (Cannabis Sativa). 50 ml Volume.

This is my original 5-year-old recipe Miracle Ointment now with hemp. Created for Natural pain relief and rejuvenation of skin & physical well being.

Hemp is proving effective in natural pain relief in Medical Research and with my client testimonials.

Please be aware that if your body is in pain it is trying to tell you something please see a doctor or practitioner to remedy the problem (chiropractor) ect…..

Though I can not make any legal or Medical claims, that this product is helping people with natural pain relief. I can say that my customer’s testimonials speak for themselves. I am constantly delighted when customers come back for more claiming that the ointment gives much relief, for long periods of time. Also as a skin softener, all the ingredients play their part beautifully.

Miracle Ointment See testimonials below for:

Acne, Psoriasis, M.S,  Arthritis, Eczema, Rosa sea, Carpal Tunnel, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Rheumatism, muscle spasm and pain, sprains, bites stings, Sinus problems..

1. ” Juliet thank you for my ointment I love it I only putting it on twice a day. It works on my Rheumatoid arthritis and Fibromoralgia. Do you post overseas .?? I have a friend in America who would like to try it too. I will pass on your website. I also have told my friends and family how good it is and they are coming to see you at the market on Friday . I cannot thankyou enough Juliet” . Xxx

2. “I tried some Miracle Ointment at a show and walked off up town the arthritic thumb I tried it on ceased to hurt I was amazed and really didn’t think any thing would happen. I returned to buy a pot and I am very happy.” Patricia Nottingham.

3. “My Mum has been using the Miracle Ointment on her neck and shoulders where she has vertebrae out. She goes straight off to sleep now it’s incredible, we would like to order a stronger one as well please thank you so much. She is also using the Miracle Mist I feel the two products have helped her alot as she is now able to go out and about.” Mary from Frome.

4. “I have had eczema for many years after a sample test of the ointment an open itchy lesion on my hand closed up and stopped itching I am amazed and have come back to buy a pot!”. Kate, Shepton Mallet

5. “I had a painful clicking thumb that was rarely pain free, since using the ointment regularly the pain has subsided and it no longer clicks and jars.” Linda, Langport

6. ” I have come back to buy some of your ointment as I tried it at the Frome fair, it wasn’t until half an hour later whilst stopping for lunch that I commented to my Dad that my back pain had gone and did not resurface until the next day!” Caroline. Frome.

7. ” I find the ointment helps relieve the pain I have been suffering for shingles it really has helped me not just with pain relief but to get out more!” Valery Shepton Mallet

8. ” I have had arthritis in my thumb since using the ointment I can now move them with Ease, I first applied it 3 times a day now I hardly ever have to apply it, thank you” Lin Frome.

9. I had an arthritic knee playing me up for years after one application of the Miracle Ointment I drove off and did not get resurface of pain until late the next day, I came back to buy some!” Clive Retired Flight attendant.

10. ” I sell bulbs and flowers all year round and get ‘Bulb rash‘ from toxic Tulip bulbs every year pain shoots down my finger nails in to my fingers. The Miracle Ointment cleared it up completely the pain went after one application and now it’s completely gone.” Pete Market Trader.

11. “My friend has been using it for her arthritic & extended joint issues and she says it has eased the pain immensely she is very grateful.” Helen Shepton Market.”

12. ” your ointment gives long lasting relief to my torn lligaments on my knee it stops the pain all night and in to the next day thankyou so much and we’d like some more please!” Paul Yeovil

“You don’t know how much you’ve helped me, I’ve showed my Doctor and we are both amazed at how my eczema lesions have healed. My doctor wants to know more about the ointment. I would like some more please thankyou so so much.” David Yeovil  

13. “My mother has been using it for her Arthritis and finds it very helpful thankyou” Polly Shepton Mallet.

14. “I put a little of your Miracle Ointment on my ear and sprayed the Miracle Mist near it (not in to) and my tinitus seased after the second time I did it, amazing I was positive it would help and it did thankyou” Peter Frome.

15. ” I bought some of your Cannabis ointment and I thought I’d better get some more so I don’t run out over Christmas thankyou it has really helped with my Arthritis and can sometimes give 3 day relief” Jan Frome.

16. “I have had alot of relief from the ointment on my spinal injury it helps me to get off to sleep without pain. Kevin Shepton Mallet.

17. ” Thankyou so much for the ointment sample firstly for healing my neuralgia, I didnt think it would work but it did and I have given many samples to people at work for acne and other aches and pains all with great success ” Sue Vintage Market organizer. ( thanks to Sue I had another few orders as a result thankyou Sue!

18. ” I cut the top of my finger off and the Miracle Ointment has helped it to repair really well the Doctors can’t Believe it thanks” Chris Somerset

19. ” I found the ointment has worked on my arthritic hands and has imroved the health of my cuticles and my nails!!” Karen Frome.

20. “We used it on our Grandaughters aching legs after a long run and it helped herv relax for sleep” Linda

21.” I used it on my gout and it tingled at first but it felt better for it” Dan

22. ” my friend bought some and used it on her infected hand and she came round the other day and said it has healed up and she’s really pleased” Dan

23. Hi Juliet I use alot of the ointment especially when my skin gets so itchy and sore I find it is helping to soothe and heal my skin, it is a relief and reassurance to have the ointment thankyou

24. The ointment has calmed the psoriasis on my sons face it was red and flaky now it’s pink and soft. I would like another pot please, thankyou. Bridgewater.

25. Your ointment has cleared up my Rosasea on my face …my skin has been the best it has been for ages thankyou. Frome

26. A lady came back to me after trying it on her arthritic hands delighted but asking is it supposed to work straight away that’s amasing it’s stopped the pain and it feels lovely I will have a pot please!! Lady at fair in Baltonsborough.

27. My painful knees don’t hurt since I put on the ointment and it lasted for 2 days. Neil

28. The ointment helped my dog when it was in pain.

29. I knew the last thing to do with ears is to stick anything inside so I carefully applied the Ointment to the outer surface of each ear and just one fine spray from about 8 inches away for each side.
As I mentioned on Sunday my use of your splendid products seems to have had the desired effect.  I could say it was a wonderful co-incidence that I came across you quite by accident; but I do not think it was.  In experience the Universe and the power of Attraction brings us what we need, when we need it.


30. My husband has found relief from his painful shoulder thankyou.  Tracy Somerset

31, My daughters eczema has healed thankyou. Kate Somerset

32. I bought some for my daughter’s itchy rash that would not go away and since using

33. I put it on my arthritic thumb and it stopped the pain AMAZING.. Euwan Sherbourne.

34. Hi Juliette it was lovely being introduce to you… your product are amazing and they work.. in just a couple of days my psoriasis has cleared.  Jacqueline,

35. Miracle Cream is the MOST AMAZING THING. I have had chronic tennis elbow and
Carpul tunnel from gardening and I was told to stop working by my doctor. I was very depressed at the idea of not doing what I love!!
The Miracle Ointment has improved my condition so much (in two months) that I am now self employed gardening full time. I am happy and content. I cant thank you enough I will never be without it!!  Sandy xxx
(The lovely lady above also said she used it on her face and it helped her crows feet and complexion and said it had changed her life!!)
36. Hi Juliet,
The ointment arrived today and many many thanks for posting it….Mum will try some tonight on her painful joints but I tried some as soon as it arrived on my right elbow which is either arthritic or it may be (most likely) repetitive strain injury from using the glass cutter for so many years … not sure if this is coincidence (I’ll try it again later!) but the aching seemed to subside only minutes after rubbing it in and the pain has gone and the arm is much easier to flex … it smells nice too which is a bonus!!
I may well be buying more in future!
Kindest regards

37. Juliet thankyou so much for the cream I had forgotten how much relief it gives me, I feel as though I can do more as the shingles restricts quite alot of movement. Thanks again Fran.

38. Hi Juliet, Thank you so much for giving me your lovely ointment as a gift! I have really become quite dependant on it! It is assisting with the swelling in my left arm too and basically I wouldn’t be without it! -Joanne

39. I had a hip replacement and wake with pain in the night after an application I am eased and back to sleep quickly, I also get pain in my knees and after rubbing it on the pain is gone before I walk from one room to another it’s amazing- Frank

40. I rub it in my daughters legs if she gets nettle stings and it works quickly- Jay

41. I think it’s marvellous stuff we will keep using it. My sister started using it and became ovewraught  from using it she loved it… My husband has diabetes he was treated with too much medication since then he  shakes with the pain in his hands and feet as the pain is so bad,,, when we put this on it really helps him. My knee is getting weaker and I have a degenerative spine and it works for this for pain relief, we are thrilled and relieved and will keep using it thank you so much Mrs. Allen

42. I had a chemical burn on my face last week due to some sort of ingredient in a product I used on my face. It was red, sore, swollen, dry and very painful. I used your miracle cream and within 2 days it felt better, all redness reduced and skin more supple…I used it for a week and the results were amazing. I now use it as my nightly moisturiser. It’s really fabulous. Skin is soft as silk. Please feel free to use that as a testimony.