Ginseng, Gold, Diamond & Lotus Gel


A wonderful light and rejuvinating facial gel. With uplifting Essences of Gold, Lotus, Diamond and Ginseng Tincture, with Essential oils in an Aloe base.

Product Description

Rejuvinating anit-ageing Ginseng facial gel.

I have been wanting to create a Ginseng product for over 11 years.

Since I worked for a Ginseng company. I promoted and marketed the sale of Panax Ginseng in the U.K.

Ginseng picker’s hands do not age. I also recently descovered through my own research some people, did not get on with plant oils in their cosmetic products. So I wanted to create a lighter product that helped.

This light gel, is a pure and High Vibration facial gel , with plant and crystal Essences. Gold, Lotus, Diamond  Essences with Ginseng tincture. A light skin rejuvinating base. Naturaly plumping, re-hydrating and nourishing skin.

I have had many people finding instant results with this product. Many use it as a daily skin care, with great results. Some clients even convert their husbands in to using it!

Anti ageing natural, oil free facial gel. Many customers use this  facial every day and find it very rejuvinating.

Aloe Vera base, with plant & crystal essences, essential oils and ginseng tincture. A Divine fragrance facial gel, to uplift plump and rejuvinate skin, mind, body & Soul. Get that Temple pampering feeling.

Try this Luxurious product containing the Highest vibration, plant mineral and precious metal essences……. 

I have many customers who use it daily and afew who use it on their partners with great effect.

See the instant effect after applying it to problem skin on our video testimonials, soon to be added.

Lotus is a well known flower used in the enhanccement of skin, emotions and uplifting the Spirit. Gold well known for improving the immune system, enhancing skin, emotional well being and the devotional aspects of the Divine. Diamond for brilliance, endurance, strength & immortality. Adding Diamond Essence to the skin improves radiance and uplifts the skin inside and out.   

Try it and see! 

Additional Information

Weight 50 ml Volume kg