Lavender & Hemp are well known to be relaxing, anti inflammatory and antiseptic.

Lavender & Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) Ointment. 50 ml Volume.


Lavender & Cannabis are both well known for being  anti inflammatory, antiseptic, relaxing and pain relieving. For painful sore and inflamed joints and backs. The C.B.D Cannabis Essential Oil is legal with the legal low percentage of T.H.C (the mind altering chemical compound) SO IT CANNOT GET YOU HIGH. But is being acclaimed by my customers for assisting in relieving Pain and softening skin.

Testimonials: See Testimonials for Miracle Cannabis ointment too

1. I use it morning and night it is affective about 3/4 of an hour after application for me. . It eases muscle pain, migraine and my Costicondritus. It promotes a better nights sleep, I sleep really well now. It is better for me than prescribed Medication. I can highly recommend it. I can especially recommend it for Fibromoralgia it really helps with pain. my wife now uses it on her knees. Thank you I highly recommend it to my friends and family.. Will from Somerset.

2. Amazing relief! I am amazed! -Fran Butler.

3. The Ointment has a Silky soft texture,  Many say it is pain relieving. I find it Softens my skin, I use it on my face as it is very mild and nourishing, and I use it on my back when it hurts…as many people do. With hemp oil, Wheatgerm oil, Rice bran oil Coconut Oil and Bees wax. With Lavender & Cannabis Essential Oil. Although I cannot say (legally) that it will help arthritis and known joint stiffness and aches and pains I will say that many people have told me it has helped with their painful joints. I will add testimonials. The T.H.C content in this product is 0.02 and is legal and extracted from the natural plant not the hybrid version of the Mind Altering Highly Modified version that are dangerous. I always suggest People try it at the Fairs and walk about to see how it feels I must admit most come back. People should always check with their Doctor before using things they are unsure of. These testimonials are from people who have used it and been satisfied I have not heard of any one who hasn’t been in the time I have been selling it.

One ladies testimonial:

4. I have a connective tissue disorder, fragile and hurting ankles, I have tried prescription drugs and am on morphine but this ointment worked! And did not react to my skin as other ointments usually burn. Customer at  The Wealden Times Fair June 5th 2015. This lady then went on to tell the nurses in the next stand who were giving cholesterol checks! Bless her she came with tears in her eyes of relief and joy.

5. Also the organizer of a Local craft Fair also praised the ointment stating that I could have no idea how much I had helped her and her Mum. Her mum slept well for the first time in a long while after using the ointment and both their mobility had much improved..

6. I have had gardeners use it on their painful backs saying it relieves after one application.

7. There was also a lady on the stand next to me who had arthritis in her hand she trialled it over a period of 2 days and then bought some.

8. I asked the doctor like you said and he told me to try it and compare it to his ibroprufen gel so I did. Well after buying it this week I tried it last night and my hip  was pain free all night I think it’s wonderful and would like another pot on the 18th December please thankyou so much, I will tell the doctor! ” Tina

9. “My husband Said he is not a lotions and potions man but after applying the ointment to his feet he woke the next morning without his long term acute back pain. He was amazed and carried on using it I had a pain in my back last week he rubbed it on and it went. My son came home from School with aching legs after cross country and he said right lets put some of the Magic cream on!! Amazing! ” Karen Somerset.

10. My friends dog has an abscess and the ointment has reduced it considerably. Tina

11. I went for a run yesterday knowing I would ache as it’s been a while… I applied the Lavender & Cannabis ointment  on my calf on an old injury  and this was the only part of my body that did not hurt today!! I still play football at 52 with 20 year olds . I have a historical injury the ointment has enabled me to keep running and keeping fit. I can now exercise carefully without damage it strengthens my weaknesses. So I use it in accordance with training. It is spectacular and effective. Now I can do an hour and a half run and nothing hurts  so I am getting fitter. Sports coach. Lesley Shepton Mallet.








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Lavender & Cannabis Ointment, Mist & Pulse Point oil.

Lavender & Cannabis Ointment, Mist & Pulse Point oil.

Calming Mist Oils & Ointments

Calming Mist Oils & Ointments

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