Miracle Ointment
Miracle Ointment

Miracle Ointment. – WITHOUT Hemp (Cannabis Sativa)


This ointment is made with Comfrey, Plantain and many skin soothing oils, for. Plantain is well known as a antihistamine and Comfrey for knitting bones and repairing muscle damage. It is best not to use on open deep cuts as it may heal the surface too quickly before the inside has healed completely. I use this on my face and it was originally made for my Dads sore feet which it helped enormously with. I and many others also use it on feet and my feet are very soft!  Great to rub in at the end of the day.

Testimonials: Miracle Ointment healed a sore and open cut in a day- Tim eco Interiors.

I just wanted to come and tell you your ointment is absolutely brilliant. I went swimming yesterday and had pains all up my arms I put on the ointment and they went straight away and haven’t come back! Thankyou- Laura.

” Miracle Ointment really helps my psoriasis it eases it on application and has made a visible difference” Fiona Frome.


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Miracle Ointment

Miracle Ointment

Made from Comfrey Plantain, Myrrh with essential oils and Oils to soften and assist in repair and relief of dry itchy sore skin. Apply when wounds have healed underneath as it may close them up and heal them too quickly. I use it on sore, cracked or dry skin and scarring.

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