Earth120 (2)

Our physical body connects us to the physical Body of Earth. Life Force or Eternal Spirit flows through both. Creating ‘Life’ on ‘Earth’
When we surrender to the Divine aspect of the Physical Body and the Spirit we connect to our Higher Nature our Divine Nature. We remember that Life is Miracle. Miracles are us…
Earth’s Medicine cabinet and Vibrational remedies are there to help all to remember. When we Live in harmony with Earth we Know we are supported and when we have no connection to her we forget who we are, we run on fear and Ego and are no longer part of the True workings of the Cosmos. In Gratitude I Honour the Medicine’s Earth encourages me to make. My teacher a Bach Flower Essence practitioner of 30 years) told me it is not me making the Essences but Earth speaking through, this plant, that flower this crystal. I know it is the Earth’s Nature to assist the Human Consciousness towards Enlightenment.

Earth and the dance of the Cosmic Bodies. Human or Planetary we all Dance together in Divine Harmony when we come to learn we are all apart of each other.