What are Essences?

Diamond Essence Mist

Rise & Shine Diamond & Orchid Essence to help us to let go of Past & move in to Love in to now..

“Well Being Essences”  are the blue print or vibrational resonance, of Flower’s Bee’s , plants, Trees, Birds & places. The Essences are captured in water, by either direct contact, close proximity or transference.

I also imbue positive  Prayers & intentions in to my Essences. Honouring Divine Life Force & the Whole of Planet Earth.. My teacher told me…Earth is speaking through a myriad of Natures gifts. I now realise Nature desires to further Human development toward, Harmony, Great Health, well being & Enlightenment,

The making of each Essence has been an incredible experience, often the synchronisities are overwhelming & I feel in awe of the Beauty in the Natural World & the Eternity of Spirit flowing through every thing.

Essences can have a subtle but very deep effect on the Vibrational level. What is vibration well people have been talking about vibes for Millennia as it is not something we can measure with an instrument many fail to believe or give time to learn about what vibrations are.

When we allow ourselves to enjoy life and to disconnect from the struggle and the suffering things get easier, opportunities flow to us and we live abundantly. Our minds need weeding of the negative, lacking & limiting thoughts that hold us back from Limitless Bliss full Living.

Vibrational Essences simply bring us the positive vibrations we feel when walking on to a beach on a sunny day, or in to the woods after rain, or when we smell an exquisite rose. These are High Vibrations that clear and lift our psyche, uplift our Spirit and help us to feel Love for our immediate environment & therefore hopeful this beautiful Planet we live on.

The chances on Life on Earth are billions to one but here we are Living a Miraculous existence with the concept that each moment and each thing we look at is a Miracle and that we can create Miracles in our day to day lives when we simply know that we do.

Essences are tools to bring Natures medicine cabinet in to our close environment to help us to realign to the perfection of our Natural State. When we remember we are God wrapped up in the Body of the Goddess we honour ourselves and each other with no exceptions. Holding the vision of this helps humanity move forward to a Blissful future. Doubt does not create…. Trust creates. We are each of us ‘Creators’ and the Creator within us guides us to the Earth’s Vibrational Medicine cabinet to uplift and empower every aspect of our Lives. I Am Eternally Grateful for my awareness of Divinity in All things.

“I merge with the perfection of All things” Blessings of Eternal Joy to one and All on this overwhelmingly beauty full place to Live…..Thank you for taking time out to read my words I thank you with All my Heart….Bliss you!


People, Animals, Plants and Places take Essences to..

  • re-balancing the emotions
  • clearing negative thoughts and atmospheres
  • helping to reconnect with miracles, peace, harmony, community, and healthy relationships with self and others.

The essences are intended to assist in the nurturing of self and others with delightful aromas; sensations and sensual oils for aura, face body and space, remembering temple life, the harmonious bliss of aromatherapy. Well Being Essences are essences of crystals, flowers, birds, bees and herbs, held in sacred, blessed water vodka..